Mike says:

My sons Jacob and Garrett have taken classes for a couple of years. I would recommend Kim's for several reasons: it teaches them discipline, respect and sportsmanship. It has improved their coordination, flexibility, and athleticism.  It is noticeable in other sports they participate in.  Thanks Master Kim! 

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Richard says:

I'm sure Master Kim needs no help in promoting his school, however here it goes anyway. About 25 years ago I trained with Master Kim (5-7 years old). I wish I could have stayed longer, but moved off to California. I think this was one of the most transformative experiences in my 30 year life. I learned the value of discipline and discovered the confidence that I could tackle just about anything thrown my direction. I've always excelled at school and now my career and I think I owe a bit of credit to Master Kim. In Omaha you have a jewel, in Master Kim (9th Dan Black Belt). Sign up and you'll see!

Jesse says:

Wonderful place.  Grandmaster Kim is an incredible instructor. He and his staff are not only great at instructing Tae Kwon Do but also great people.  All my children have had an opportunity to take classes here at one time or another over the last seven years.  I would recommend Master Kim's to everyone of all ages.

Jordan says:

I would highly recommend this school to anybody interested in taking Tae Kwon Do. It not only teaches self-defense, but also discipline, respect, commitment, etc. I've been in at this tae kwon do school for 7 years, and am currently in the teens section as a 1st degree black belt. To even get a black belt requires much hard work and dedication. Grandmaster Kim is from Korea, and he has taught all the instructors, this is the real thing! There are many classes. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!!

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