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Senior Classes


Tae Kwon Do is not limited to only the young.  Many of our students are middle-aged or older.  These students participate in regular classes with a focus on total fitness: muscular strength, cardiovascular fitness and flexibility.

Junior Classes

Ages 12 - 15

Adolescent boys and girls participate in regular classes at Kim's.  Discipline, self-confidence, respect for parents and maturity are all qualities that Grandmaster Kim fosters in his Junior students.

Often students who have achieved higher belt ranking will assist in lower belt classes, acquiring skills in leadership and insight into how individual actions affect the well being of others while, earning credit for community service within their high school system.

Kim's Fitness Center

Kim's fitness center offers a full line of equipment to provide a complete workout.


          2,000 square foot weight room

          20 state of the art machines

          4,000 pounds of Olympic and free weights

          Separate warm up room


          Showers, Saunas, Lockers


Kim's Tae Kwon Do School

Adult Classes


Male and female students are taught full power techniques, with an emphasis on control.  Full contact is not permitted in class.  Control, focus, timing, balance and speed are developed as well as strength and agility.

Pee Wee Classes

Ages 5 - 11

The program accepts boys and girls and meets twice a week.  Grandmaster Kim, with his unique ability to relate to children, teaches restraint and discipline, in addition to basic and advanced Tae Kwon Do techniques.

Children learn self-defense and self-reliance, improved concentration and to "think on their feet".

Under Grandmaster Kim's instruction children develop self-confidence, respect for parents, and self-discipline.